remember the marauders
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Remus and Marlene out camping.

"Marlene I told you not to wear my glasses!"

Taken by James Potter-5th year

Narcissa, Andy, and Bella out and about.

Taken by Evan Rosier-6th year

Lily, Mary, and Marlene are completely done with the day.

Taken by Remus Lupin-5th year

Remus trying to get some sleep after a rough night out.

Taken by James Potter-7th year

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Lily and James out in the Forbidden Forest.

Taken by Sirius Black-7th year

Sirius and Marlene before he upgraded to his motorcycle.

Taken by a charmed camera-6th year

One of the famous Marauder parties, during the boys’ final year at Hogwarts

Taken by a rather sentimental Remus Lupin, not long before the Summer holidays, 1978

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Mary laughing at one of James’ holiday stories.

Taken by James Potter-6th year

"We’ll always be friends, right?"


Lily and Sirius on vacation.

Taken by James Potter and Remus Lupin-7th year

"Jaaammmeeesss, go away. I’m trying to sleep."

"But Lily, I can’t see your beautiful face in this one!"

Taken by James Potter-6th year