remember the marauders
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Mary out and about in Muggle London with the boys.

Taken by the Marauders and Frank-5th year

Dorcas, Hestia, Lily, Mary, Marlene, and Alice relaxing on the beach during a night off.

Taken by Emmaline Vance-6th year

"You guys couldn’t pull this off, you aren’t clever enough."

"Oi! We’re right here!"

Marlene after the Marauders decided to show her the map.

Taken by the Marauders-7th year

"You know the risks. Why are still here?"

"I’m not going anywhere. I don’t care."

Remus and Doe.

Taken by unknown-6th year

Lily stopping to smile whilst exploring the forest.

Taken by her favorite marauders-7th year

Sirius trying to teach Marlene how to play his guitar.

Taken by James Potter-6th year


Remus Lupin, writing an essay two weeks in advance.

Taken by James Potter.


"TO BATTLE!" Lily screamed, trusting forward her fist heroically.

"I’m not a horse!" James grumbled, adjusting her on his back.

"You’re a stag; it’s close enough."

James and Lily at Hogwarts, photographed by Peter, May 1978

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Marlene looking through old music.

"Remember when we blew up the Potions classroom while singing this song?"

Taken by Remus Lupin-6th year

Narcissa, Rodolphus, Bella, and Emma swimming on a day off.

Taken by Rabastan Lestrange-5th year