remember the marauders
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James, Sirius, and Mary “braving the wilderness sans magic” in their nice cabin.

Taken by a giggling Lily Evans-6th year

"Marlene, this shirt really isn’t very practical. Or fair."

"Shut up Sirius and just check a damn box."

Taken by Sirius Black-7th year

James and Remus enjoying a cup of tea.

Taken by Sirius Black-6th year

side note Daniel as James just made my heart melt

Remus and Dorcas enjoying time off in the black lake.

Taken by charmed camera-6th year


Marlene rather solemn about a muggle raid close to her hometown.

Taken by a worried Sirius Black-7th year

"Remus, let go!"

"No, Lily! This is fun!"

Taken by James Potter-6th year

Remus, James, and Sirius incredibly fascinated by some swings at the beach.

"It’s almost as if we are flying!"

Taken by Peter Pettigrew-4th year

Sirius being “a little too good looking.”

Taken by Marlene McKinnon-7th year

Marlene and Sirius during their escapade to France.

"This has been nice hasn’t it?"

"Yes, except for when you guys flew me off with a bunch of balloons."

"That was the best part!"

Taken by James Potter-7th year

"Marlene, is that a bug in your hair?"

"NO THERE ISN’T LILY. You’re trying to get me back inside the car."

Taken by unknown-5th year